Vintage Style Mini Crate

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These delightful miniature Vintage Style Mini Crates were designed by us and made in the heart of Lincolnshire by the same woodworking company as their larger companions from the same sustainable wood sources.

What makes the Mini Crate so desirable is it's adaptability in so many situations. We're also now able to offer a 'hand painted' service with a range of colours.

Choose from - Natural - Pale Jasmine (Off White) - Country Cream (as it sounds) - Forget Me Not (Pastel Blue) - Sea Grass (misty green/blue) and introducing Silver Birch (Mid Grey).

Having decided on the colour, then imagine the impact of a few of these, brightly painted wooden boxes say, at a company function or filled with suitable items. Then there's Private Functions, Weddings or on their own as a special gift for a special person. Useful also around the house for storage of small items that easily get lost! and of course there's the garden; they look great with a single herb pot placed in them.

Everyone has room for a Vintage Style Mini Crate!!!

Buy a Wooden Mini Crate, great for small storage, keeping herbs on the side and alfresco dining. These are from our range of Apple Crates and Boxes, handmade in UK for

Please note only one crate is included in the indicated price.

Dimensions:- L 20.5cm x W 16.0cm x H 12.00cm

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