Wooden Midi Crate

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Our Wooden Midi Crate is so versatile! Use for storage, seating or a table; it can be any one of these, just add a Lid.

The Wooden Midi Crate is an addition to our range of crates, offering many choices. It makes a great storage solution, somewhere to stash away your cosy blankets. Also by putting two or three together with Lids and Castors they make a very efficient method of dealing with the problem of how to make your recycling unit attractive.  We've included a photograph from one of our customers who did just this!

By adding the Apple Crate Lid not only can you use it for storage but it now becomes an extra Seat at an ideal height for use at the table; or indeed you can make a Table out of it. Place a Lamp on and add a couple of books and there's an attractive side table, great!!

Finally, if you're using just for storage then there's an opportunity to add Castors for easy movement. We do NOT recommend using Castors if you're intending to use the Crate as a Seat

Buy a Wooden Midi Crate for storage, seating, display and recycling solutions from our range of Apple Crates and Boxes. Handmade in UK for vintagecratesuk.co.uk.

Dimensions:- L 54cm x W 36cm x Ht 41cm  If you add a Lid the Height increases by 10mm - the overall being 42cm

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