Vintage Wooden Sledge

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These sturdy Wooden Vintage Sledges are from Germany or Switzerland and make an exciting addition to our Vintage Collection for the Festive Season.

We think our Wooden Sledges offer you the opportunity to show your inner design genius for Christmas decoration. Great if you have a business and need an unusual Christmasy theme and they make a wonderful centrepiece with the tree and presents gathered all around.

What an original and seasonal gift one of these Vintage Sledges would make for friends and family. Snow or no snow, go on, create the scene!!

There's a mix of sizes and most are with the famous Davos Brand which comes from near Klosters in Switzerland. All are in good condition. Some have a varnished finish and some are still in the natural wood. The wood for sledges has to be strong and these are most probable made with Beech. If you want to preserve the wood, then wo suggest using Raw Linseed.

Buy a wonderful Vintage Wooden Sledge to enhance your Christmas decorations or as a gift for friends and family from

The sizes vary from between 85-100 cms in length, no mre than 37 cms wide and the height around 28-30 cms.

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