Vintage Style Small Rustic Tray

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New by popular demand, this smaller Vintage Style Rustic Tray like the larger one is designed on the same concept as the traditional Wooden Apple Crate; again made from sustainable wood sources.

However, this time the basic size is that of the Vintage Style Half Bushel Crate but just one panel high.

The Small Vintage Style Rustic Tray is very versatile and would make a wonderful gift for friends and family. It's ideal for all those smaller displays and small storage.

A brilliant way of turning Breakfast in Bed, Afternoon Tea or any special occasion into something more special!

There is also a Lid option for this tray.

Buy a Vintage Style Rustic Tray from our range of Apple Crates and Boxes for special occasions, display and useful storage. Handmade locally for

Dimensions:-  L 43.5cm x W 30.5cm x Ht 11.5cm (The height is increased to 13.0cm with the addition of the Lid)

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