• Vintage Style Nest of Three Crates

Vintage Style Nest of Three Crates

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The Nest of Three Vintage Style wooden crates consists of a full sized Apple Crate, a Half sized version of the Apple Crate and a Mini Crate giving you the perfect opportunity to be creative.

Use to display your treasures, ornaments, books, photographs, in the Kitchen with Herbs, plants, china, bottles, all make attractive items for you to display and utilise limited space.

Customise your Bathroom, show off your favourite toiletries, pack in a few coloured towels and you've added a unique and attractive feature to what can sometimes be a bland area.

We've been staggered at all the different uses our customers have for their crates. Here are some of them - Bedside Cabinet, Book Shelves, Tool Box, General Storage, Muddy Boots and Shoes, Magazines and Papers and one of the most original, a Picnic Table and Chairs, to mention but a few.

If you're thinking of a gift, a Vintage Style Nest of Crates would be ideal for a Wedding present, anyone moving into a new house, the 'Man who has Everything' and many more occasions.

These Vintage Style Crates will add warmth and texture to your surroundings. They're made from sustainable wood sources and should last a lifetime.

Our Vintage Style Crates are all made from either Re-usable Timber or from certificated Sustainable Wood sources.

Buy a Nest of Three Wooden Crates in the Vintage Style from our range of Vintage Style Crates, the Vintage Style Apple Crate, Vintage Style Half Bushel Crate and our own Vintage Style Mini Crate for storage and display. All handmade in the UK at vintagecratesuk.co.uk.

Please note only one nest of crates is included in the indicated price.

Dimensions:- L54cm x W36cm x H28cm (Apple Crate)

                        L43.5cm x W30.5cm x H20.5cm (Half Bushel)

                        L20.7cm x W14.5cm x H11cm (Mini)

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