Vintage Style Crate Lids

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The Vintage Style Crate Lids are all designed to fit our Vintage Style Crates. If you've bought one of our Vintage Style Crates before, this option allows you just to purchase the Lid on it's own. Also if you've purchased more than one crate you can then add however many Lids you might want.

The Vintage Style Apple Crate Lid fits the Vintage Style Apple Crate, Vintage Style Midi Crate, Vintage Style Double Crate and the Rustic Tray together with their Personalised counterparts. It also Fits the Wooden Apple Crate, the Wooden Midi Crate, the Wooden Double Crate and the Large rustic Tray.

Then there are two other sizes, one for the Tate and Lyle Boxes and one for the Vintage Style Half Bushel and Half Bushel Box, the Vintage Style Small Rustic tray and the Small Wooden Rustic Tray. The Price for the smaller Lid is slightly less at £10.50.

Buy Vintage Style Crate Lids from the Vintage Style Crate Range separately. Strong Lids to complete your storage, seating or extra table solutions, handmade in the uk locally for

Please NOTE the price indicated is for the Lid ONLY and does NOT include a Crate.

Vintage Style Apple Crate Lid Sizes - L 54cm OD/ L 52.3cm ID x W 36.5cm OD/ W 35.5 cm ID x H 35mm

Vintage Style Half Bushel Lid Sizes - L 44cm OD/ L 42cm ID x W 30.3cm OD/ W 28.5cm ID x H 25mm

Tate and Lyle Crate Lid Sizes - L 54.3cm OD/ L 52.5cm ID x W 40cm OD/ W 39cm ID x H 25mm

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