Vintage Danish Tuborg Beer Crates

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In stock now are some really good Tuborg Ol Crates, very sturdy and they are great for storage. We also have one Danish Tuborg Crate on offer with Black writing on the Green background and the dimensions are indicated below,

From a Historical point of view, the Tuborg Brewery was founded in 1873 by Carl Frederik Tietgen and was merged with the Carlsberg Brewery in 1970. The Tuborg name comes from 'Thuesborg' (Thues Castle), a Copenhagen Inn from the 1690's situated in the area of the Brewery.

Buy an iconic Vintage Danish Tuborg Beer Crate having great storage possibilities for shoes, wellies, umbrellas and display from


Three Panel with Black writing - L 50cm x W 28cm x Ht 31.5cm

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