Vintage Chocolat Poulain Crate

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We rarely come across these Iconic Crates but this large Vintage Chocolat Poulain Crate is in good condition and perfect for large storage or display.

Victor August Poulain began the mass production of chocolate in 1848 in Blois France. The Chocolat Poulain Brand is therefore one of the oldest in France and it's known mainly for it's eating and cooking chocolate. The Icon on the side of this box is one of a jumping foal, which is a play on words, the 'Poulain' name meaning foal.

Buy this large and robust Vintage Chocolat Poulain Crate from the range of Vintage Branded Crates for storage and display at

Dimensions:- L 62cm x W 47cm x Ht 34.5cm

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