Vintage Ammunition Small Green Crate

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Show how much you love him with one of these exclusive Ammunition Crates.

A Vintage Ammunition Crate from Eastern Europe with really interesting markings both inside and outside the crate; the inside having very useful compartments.
We've been fortunate enough to track down a few old Ammunition Crates from one of the old Eastern Bloc countries. We think they must have originated in East Germany but our grasp of the German language prohibits us from giving much detail.

However, these boxes originally held Splittermines and a short explanation of the Splittermine follows.
The German S-mine (Schrapnellmine, Springmine or Splittermine in German), also known as the "Bouncing Betty", is the best-known version of a class of mines known as bounding mines. When triggered, these mines launch into the air and then detonate just above the target. The explosion projects a lethal spray of shrapnel in all directions. The S-mine was an anti-personnel landmine developed by Germany in the 1930s and used extensively by German forces during World War II. It was designed to be used in open areas against unshielded infantry.

They are camouflage green in colour with rope handles either end and have great yellow print markings indicating the content. (Or at least, what used to be the content)! Inside there are still the original instructions in most and sometimes another list of contents.

The Crates are nicely laid out with six sections and an additional larger section at one end. These are very sturdy crates with reinforcing panels.
A great talking point in any situation!

All wood with metal fasteners and rope handles.

Buy a Vintage Small Green Ammunition Crate as a unique gift offering an unusual storage solution and a good story from

Dimensions:- L 50.5cm x W 27 cm x H 19cm

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