Vintage American Pepsi Red on Natural Open Crate

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On-Trend American Pepsi soft drink Crates, well made with their original metal trims. Many have markings from their State depot or manufacturer.

Our Original Wooden Pepsi Crates have travelled a long way to be with us and don't have that brand new, just off the conveyor belt look. They are being recycled and have a history, they've travelled all over the States of America and crossed the sea to the UK; where will they go from here?

Whether you favour the industrial modern or the more traditional look in your home, with relatively little expense, here is a way of adding a unique warmth and colour with one of our genuine Pepsi Crates.

These wooden Vintage Pepsi Crates come from many different States and you will find intriguing markings on many of them.

Most special is that they DO all vary a little, coming from so many different areas but that's what makes them so interesting. The lettering on the natural wood is in Red but it does vary from a Pink to an Orange Red.

Perhaps you would really like to own a Vintage Pepsi Crate yourself but think also how delighted your friends or family would be to receive one as a gift.

We would like you to remember that these are genuine Vintage Crates have had a long and busy working life so do expect to see some signs of wear and tear. They vary in colour, according to how much they have been used but this adds to the character and creates an attractive weathered look.

Original Wooden Crates with Metal Trims which can be used indoors or outside. No real maintenance needed.

Please note only one crate is included in the indicated price.

There are some very slight variations in size but they are minimal. If you do need an accurate measurement please just ask.

Dimensions:- L46cm x W31cm x H14 cm

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