• Vintage American Double Cola Open Crate

Vintage American Double Cola Open Crate

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We have a few of these Double Cola Crates with their distinctive Orangey/Yellow colour and below there's a little bit of the Company history for your interest.

Double-Cola is the name of a carbonated soft drink, manufactured by The Double Cola Company, headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Double-Cola is considered a regionally manufactured US brand of soft drink, predominantly distributed east of the Mississippi River. It is also available in select international markets.

The Good Grape Company was originally founded in 1922 by former Chero-Cola employees Charles D. Little and Joe S. Foster in Huntsville, Alabama, primarily to market the product Good Grape. The company moved to Chattanooga that same year. With Little's creation of Marvel Cola in 1924, Good Grape Company changed its name to Seminole Flavour Company. Marvel Cola was reformulated and renamed Jumbo Cola. The Double-Cola product was developed in 1933 and soon became the company's flagship product. The product was named Double-Cola because its 12 ounce bottle were twice the size of other soda bottles being sold at the time. It was soon followed by flavoured Double-Orange, Double-Lemon, and Double-Grape and "Double-Dry" ginger ale.

Buy a Vintage American Double Cola Crate a unique and genuine crate originating in the deep south of America. Use for display or storage from vintagecratesuk.co.uk

Dimensions:- L 46cm x W 31cm x H 14cm

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