Vintage American Cream Cheese Boxes

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These charming little Vintage American Cream Cheese Boxes are mostly from farms along the eastern seaboard States in America.

Ideal for putting small herb pots in, very handy in the kitchen. There are two sizes, the larger ones mostly have 'Creamade' or 'Lakeshore' on the side and the smaller ones have 'Mel-o-Bit American' one the side.

We've indicated the sizes below and there are photographs of the boxes on the website above. When ordering there is a 'Comments' box where you can specify whether you require the larger or smaller boxes.

Buy Vintage American Cream Cheese Boxes ideally suited for small storage use in the kitchen. These little wooden boxes make a lovely gifts for friends from

Dimensions:- Larger 27.5cm x 9.0cm x 7.7cm

                        Smaller 23cm x 7.7cm x 6.7cm

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