• Vintage American Coca Cola 24 Section Yellow Crate

Vintage American Coca Cola 24 Section Yellow Crate

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These Yellow Coca Cola Crates are very old and rare. The Yellow colour was used first before the Red that we associate with Coca Cola today.

We get very excited when we know there is to be a delivery of Coca Cola Crates. We know they will not be with us for long as they so quickly go out again. While they're with us we like to see the various markings and are interested to see which state they've come from and sometimes which year they were made.
The most popular use for these crates seems to be in the Kitchen and Bathroom as storage but the sectioned ones also sit well on a wall with trinkets in them.

Coca Cola was first introduced in 1886 by John Pemberton, it was marketed as a patent medicine at Jacobs Pharmacy in Atlanta. It was sold from a Soda Fountain for 5 cents a glass. Pemberton claimed that Coca Cola cured many diseases including morphine addiction, dyspepsia, headache and impotence. We wonder what he would have thought if he'd known it would still be so popular in the world today, over a century later?
To own a Vintage Coca Cola Crate is to have a piece of living history and an endless talking point between you and your friends and family.

We would like you to remember that these are genuine Vintage Crates have had a long and busy working life so do expect to see some signs of wear and tear. They vary in colour, but this adds to the character.

Buy a Vintage American Coca Cola Crate Yellow 24 Section. This rare and original American Crate provides more storage and display solutions from vintagecratesuk.co.uk

They are Original Wooden Crates with Metal Trims which can be used indoors or outside and with no real maintenance needed.

Please note only one crate is included in the indicated price.

Dimensions:- L 45.5cm x W 29.5cm x H 10.5cm.

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