Vintage Style Double Crate Seat with One Inch Cushion

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Vintage Crates have developed this brand new exclusive wooden storage box design for Large Seat Storage indoors or out. Rustic Style with substantial Lid and attractive Cushion.
Looking for Vintage Storage solutions of bulky items, then look no further. This Vintage Style Double Crate is what it says, Double the size of the Vintage Style Crate.
Great for use Indoors to hide away the children's toys at the end of the day; drop them in and put the lid on. With this on you now have your seat plus the cushion for a little extra comfort.
For outdoor use, just bring the loose cushion in and you still have your extra storage
The Vintage Style Double Crate Seat is unique to Vintage Crates. It has generous proportions that make it extremely useful for storage and is at a good seating height. The Crate comes with a sturdy Lid and a choice of Three Fabric designs for the loose Cushion. All included in the price. You'll find many uses for this unique crate in any room, so if you're looking for a Gift with a difference, then our Vintage Style Double Crate Seat is a great option.

Personalising the Vintage Style Double Crate is also now an option. You may not want to use all the panels Just the Second and Third line would probably be best but the choice is yours.

Our Vintage Style Crates are all made from either Re-usable Timber or from certificated Sustainable Wood sources and the foam in each Cushion meets British Standards regarding fire risk.

Please note only one crate is included in the indicated price.

The Lid adds 10mm to the height. Total Height with the Lid is 54.5cms - The cushion adds 1 inch
L 54cm x W 36.5 cm x H 53.5 cm

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