Vintage Ball Mason Pint Jar

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The One Pint Ball Mason Jar is an absolutely delightful addition to our Ball Jars. This is an American Pint and therefore very slightly less than our own.
As well as the obvious uses for these Jars such as storage in the Bedroom, Bathroom or Kitchen, we find they've been used to decorate the tables at some very prestigious weddings. This could be replicated at any celebration where you wanted to create a very special, individual look. Aqua coloured Ball Mason Jars add a touch of glamour to any setting.

They come to us all the way from the United States, invented by a gentleman by the name of John Landis Mason, born in Philadelphia in 1858. Mason joined forces with the Ball Corporation glass makers in 1880.
The Jars were used for preserving Jams and Pickles and originally available in a clear glass only. The company then went on to make Jars first with an Amber colour and then this beautiful Aqua, not for decoration but because they realised that the colour helped to preserve the contents for longer. We've not seen the Amber colour but we've stayed with the beautiful Aqua, which we feel is so pretty particularly when placed in a good light.

The main body of the Jars are obviously glass, however the tops are also quite interesting. Although the tops have obviously had wear and we don't recommend the Jars being used for preserving now, the inside seal in the top is also made of a white glass.

Buy a Vintage Ball Mason Pint Jar with it's beautiful blue colour for decoration, display, weddings or a wonderful gift from

Please note only ONE Ball Jar is included in the indicated price.

Dimensions:- HT 13.4cm and Width 5.5 cm (ID) across

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