Hi Robin and Netty, can't believe it, 8.30am and its arrived, incredible never had such good service. My husband and I love it, in fact he has never stopped talking about and.reading up about Henry Tate and he has just ordered the book, Sugar Girls, all about their work and life in the Tate and Lyle factory in London. Thank you so much for the print copy it really does make you think about how life was then, although the working conditions look excellent for that time, especially if you consider the working conditions in the mills in Lancashire where Henry Tate originated. The sugar crate has added such a lovely touch to our lounge it makes you remember all the things that money can't buy and the hard work of the people who unfortunately do not have our comforts of today. The lid is a lovely touch, and your packaging was superb, you obviously take great care and a lot of pride in your work, thank you. My husband says to tell you he came from Lincoln.not far from where you are, so I guess my Lancashire origins and his Lincolnshire origins make the sugar crate a lovely keepsake. We have passed your village many times on the Fosse Way when we used to travel back to Lincoln. Thank you so much again, we both absolutely love it!!!
Kind regards. Linda