• Two Vintage English Potato Crates

Two Vintage English Potato Crates

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Our English Potato Crates, Chitting Trays, are perfect for herb gardens, potting, tomato plants etc Also great for interior storage solutions. Robust and environmentally friendly.

Vintage British Potato Crates are at a price where you might like to have a few around for the children to have fun nurturing their own garden projects; or giving to friends and family for useful and attractive gifts. We have seen examples of the Potato Crates being made even more special by the addition of small gardening tools, seeds and sometimes Pot Plants, indeed with a little imagination you can create your perfect gift.

Christmas is forever the time when people always look for that special something, particularly for the men in your life.

These British Potato Crates known as Chitting Trays offer very useful solutions. They are invaluable in the garden shed or garage, giving that organised yet rustic look.

If you're lucky enough to have a Bumper Harvest of apples this year, they make very handsome trays for storing your valuable crop for later enjoyment. Stacked two three or four high Potato Trays provide a relatively inexpensive way of creating an Apple Storage Unit.

Vintage Potato Crates have usually had a hard working life so expect to see a fair bit of wear. However, they are sturdy and all will have been washed and treated to see that they are still well capable of doing the job. Most have writing on the side from their original place of use which adds to their attractiveness.

Vintage English Potato Crates are of a wooden construction, quite sturdy and need very little attention. Use them indoors or out. The sizes do vary a little according to where they were made but most are around the measurements indicated. If you need to be specific please ask.

Buy Classic Vintage Potato Crates from our range of Vintage Original English Crates handmade in UK.  Shop for these old chitting trays, they're great for garden storage at vintagecratesuk.co.uk

TWO are included in the indicated price.

Dimensions:- L 76 cm x W 46 cm x H 16 cm

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